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Why Use Inventech Patent Services, LLC

At Inventech Patent Services, LLC, our top #1 priority is to provide high-quality patent services to independent inventors and small-to-large sized businesses - at a reasonable price. The one-on-one relationships we develop, along with the satisfaction of every client, is extremely important to us! 

At Inventech Patent Services LLC the satisfaction of every client is extremely important to us!
Our Business Principles
  • We seek to provide our clients exceptional value for their investment in both time and money when obtaining one or more of our patent services. 

  • We adhere to the highest standard of honesty, integrity, ethical conduct and confidentiality in dealing with our clients. We never misrepresent or mislead you regarding matters related to our patent services. Additionally, we are always willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at the request of our clients.

  • We are committed to providing the highest level of friendly personal service and effective communication with our clients, whether communicating remotely or meeting face-to-face. 

Benefits of Using Inventech Patent Services, LLC
  • Valuable Patent Prosecution Experience Inside of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Marc A Scharich, Principal at IPS and Registered Patent Agent, worked as a patent examiner at the USPTO for over a decade and knows what it takes to get patents granted to applicants since he used to be one of the deciding officials in determining patentability and issuing patents. Additionally, Mr. Scharich's experience enables him to provide his clients with strategically, well-prepared patent applications and the most efficient, streamlined patent prosecution as possible. 

  • Very Low Overhead. Unlike many patent law firms, we are a small patent prosecution practice and do not utilize office support staff to manage our day-to-day business, thus keeping costs lower for our clients without sacrificing quality of our work product. 

  • Semi-fixed Fee Schedule. With the absence of hourly billing for most patent services, clients have more predictability for their budget with our semi-fixed fee schedule and we can spend as much time as necessary to deliver the highest quality work product.

  • Reasonable Hourly Rates. In certain circumstances when hourly rates are quoted, our hourly rates are significantly lower than many patent law firms.

  • No Outsourcing of Patent Prosecution. Unlike many of the low-cost, high-volume "cheap" inventor assistance services being advertised, we do not outsource patent prosecution to any other firms or entities. We do however utilize outside services for obtaining certain items such as professional patent drawings, but all patent prosecution matters are otherwise handled in-house by Inventech Patent Services, LLC.

  • Responsive, Direct Communication. We personally respond promptly to client inquiries whether by telephone, fax, letter or email. Additionally, our clients communicate directly with Marc A Scharich, Principal at IPS and Registered Patent Agent. No getting transferred to a secretary or other office support staff and waiting hours or even days for answers.

  • Full Disclosure. We provide our clients with the most forthright, impartial information available to us so that clients can make informed decisions before proceeding with any of our patent services.

  • Direct Electronic USPTO Filings. Inventech Patent Services, LLC typically files all USPTO patent prosecution documentation and correspondence electronically using the USPTO electronic filing service, which can lead to faster patent prosecution and minimizes the risk of lost mail or documents getting into the hands of unintended recipients. 


Obtain a Free Initial Consultation with No Obligation

During your free initial consultation we will generally discuss your invention, matters affecting patentability of inventions, the process of obtaining a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and various options you may want to consider for patenting your invention. Please note that we cannot initially predict with certainty that you will be granted a U.S. patent for your invention. Patentability of your invention is ultimately determined by the USPTO after you have filed a non-provisional utility patent application or design patent application. Additionally, once we receive a completed Request for Patent Application / Invention Disclosure form, our fee(s) may then be determined and quoted for a particular patent service(s) based on the disclosed invention.

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