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Inventech Patent Services, LLC assists independent inventors and small-to-large sized businesses (from small job shops to large corporations) in obtaining high-quality patents to protect their inventions, which stem from a variety of industries and technology sectors across the globe. We specialize in mechanical, biomechanical and 

electromechanical technologies, in such industries as

Inventech Patent Services LLC - Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

  • Agricultural Machinery

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Industrial Robots

  • Industrial Tools

  • Large Transportation   (Air, Land, Water)

Inventech Patent Services LLC - Consumer Products

Consumer Products

  • Apparel

  • Automotive Accessories 

  • Household Goods

  • Packaging

  • Personal Mobility/ Small Transportation

  • Sporting Goods

Inventech Patent Services LLC - Life Sciences Prosthetics Medical Equipment

Life Sciences

  • Biomechanical Technology

  • Mechanical Medical Devices / Equipment

Inventech Patent Services LLC - Energy and Renewables Wind Solar

Energy & Renewables

  • Energy Saving Technology

  • Solar Power

  • Wind Power

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