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Global Patent Research

Inventech Patent Services, LLC offers affordable Global Patent Research to our clients in order to determine if a particular invention has already been patented or disclosed in a patent application publication. It is common for inventors to believe

their invention is patentable because they haven't seen it in practical use or out in the marketplace. This, however, is not necessarily the case, as many worthy patented inventions have never seen the light of day in the marketplace for a variety of reasons. Before applying for a patent, and especially a utility patent, it is often advantageous to conduct patent research and obtain a preliminary search report and expert opinion. By doing so, relevant prior art may be found which could indicate the likelihood of success in obtaining a patent if a patent application is filed with a patent office. Additionally, our Global Patent Research may give an indication of the overall competitive landscape concerning a particular invention or related technology. **Global Patent Research Pricing**

affordable patent searches use global worldwide patent data collections
Features of our Global Patent Research:
  • Comprehensive Up-to-Date World-Wide Data Collections Searched

    • US Patents & Applications (Full Text)​

    • EP Patents & Applications (Full Text)

    • PCT / WO Applications (Full Text)

    • German Patents & Applications (Full Text)

    • APAC: Japanese, Chinese & Korean (Full Text)

    • 40 English Translated Patent Collections (Full Text)

    • 62 Other Global Jurisdictions (Abstracts)

         See Complete Listing of Patent Data Collections

  • Most Patent Research Typically Completed Within One Week​

  • Clients Receive a Full Patent Search Report and Opinion

    • Includes Researcher's Search Methodology Data Sheet​

    • Includes Expert Written Opinion of Patentability in the U.S. (Based on Search Results)

    • Includes a Primary-List of the Most Relevant Prior Art Documents Found (up to 30)

      • Includes Full Copies of Each Primary-List Prior Art Document

    • Includes a Secondary-List of Other Potentially Relevant Prior Art Documents Found

patentability patent search and opinion - search report
Inventech Patent Services, LLC Uses
Inventech Patent Services LLC uses AcclaimIP Patent Search Software

Please note: Global Patent Research and expert opinion are not infallible. A preliminary, pre-examination search of reasonable duration, even when utilizing all of the major world-wide data collections, may not (and realistically will not) find all prior art in existence throughout the world, especially due to the subjective nature of prior art interpretation and prior art classification practices at regional patent offices.

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