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Pricing (Fee Schedule)

Current Fee Schedule
(PDF Document, Printable, Rev. 03/2023)

** When comparing our fees with others, also consider the cost of preparing and filing USPTO Office Action responses (which is often necessary during patent prosecution). We strive to keep ALL patent prosecution fees reasonable for our valuable clients, including preparing and filing Office Action responses, whereas other patent services may initially offer low-cost patent application preparation fees, but later charge substantially higher fees for any necessary Office Action responses. Additionally, we do not charge additional fees for conducting telephonic interviews with USPTO patent examiners (if deemed necessary) in an attempt to advance patent prosecution and get your patent issued! **

All fees listed are subject to change without notice. The current fee schedule dollar amounts are typical, and while every effort is made not to deviate from the current fee schedule, extra fees may be quoted (up-front) in certain extraordinary circumstances (such as in “jumbo” applications requiring an unusually large number of specification pages and/or claims to be written). Inventech Patent Services, LLC makes every effort to keep fees as affordable as possible for our valuable clients, while being transparent and forthright with no “hidden fees”. Any necessary travel costs (outside of the State of Michigan) are not included in any listed fees

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